PAIN NAIL "Magneettinen Kohtalo" LP


Label: Freak Animal Records
Cat No: none
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Recorded between 2006-2012. 40 minutes album consiting large variety of material from gloomy brooding heavy electronics to rusty and dark rhythmic metal percussion industrial and epic atmospheric tracks. Aggressive vocals and dirty analogue sound.
This 2nd full length album of Pain Nail receives limited edition vinyl treatment! Heavy 12" vinyl, booklet with lyrics etc (same as cd/tape), both sides silkscreened cover with silkscreened artificial leather piece as "front panel". Finnish industrial / power electronics! -Label Description
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
A1. 6th Sense
A2. Sinetit Lohkeavat
A3. Blissful Silence
A4. Descension - Ascension
B1. Church Of Ash
B2. Miekan Valta
B3. One Glance
B4. Tyhjyyden Kammo