PHURPA "Wal Phur Nag Po" C66

artist: PHURPA label: Lust Vessel


Label: Lust Vessel
Cat No: LV#015
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PHURPA is the phenomenal musical collective from Moscow, founded by Alexey Tagin exploring authentic ancient ritual music of Bon, the pre-Buddhist tradition from Tibet.
This album proves another ultimate sacral embodiment of their thoroughgoing performances grounded on genuine Bon tradition theoretically and practically, and yet reinterpret solemnly and unambiguously, with 5 chapters of title track "Wal Phur Nag Po" and also the keynote of their programme "Mu Ye". Playing traditional Tibetan ritual instruments including human bones found in Tibetan wastelands and their trademarked tantric overtone chanting, ycleped Rgyud-skad, penetrating beyond emptiness.
A pragmatic Terma and the continuous result with genuine industrial stole
Recorded live by Phurpa at Magihead Studio. Edited and mastered by Lily Vice at Sacred Lust Studio.
Xerography and layout by Lily Vice.
Professionally duplicated Chrome Extra tape; The ultimate quality TYPE II/high-bias tape.
Comes with b/w xerox 5 panel heavy card stock and A4 size hand-assembled b/w xerox poster.
Strictly limited to 200 copies.
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
A1. Wal Phur Nag Po - Part. 1
A2. Wal Phur Nag Po - Part. 2
A3. Wal Phur Nag Po - Part. 3
B1. Wal Phur Nag Po - Part. 4
B2. Wal Phur Nag Po - Part. 5
B3. Mu Ye
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