RADIOSTALKING "Cemetary of Radioactive Animals" C60

artist: RADIOSTALKING label: BioSonar


Label: Biosonar^Lo-End
Cat No: 031
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Радиосталкинг ‎"Кладбище Радиоактивных Животных" C60
One more lo-fi radio-recording, one more cassette full of radionoise. This time the recording was made on a Finnish portable cassette recorder from 80-ies, with an Yugoslavian cassette used as a master-tape. The story behind this recording is as follows: in St. Petersburg on Vasilyevsky island there is a place, in some narginal circles figuratively called as "cemetary of radioactive animals". The city legend explains that in 1930-s there was a laboratory studying the effect of radionuclides with a small ground for burying test animals tortured by radiation... Now this territory is a part of a secure facility and has no entrance for normal people. Perhaps this is just a legend, all the more so the Vasilyevskiy island is called to be an island of undisclosed mysteries, legends and strange tragic events. Here some magic ceremonies and rituals were held. And this is here, to Vasilyevskiy island, aimed the most extraordinary and mysterious people: magicians, sorcerers and great augurs. For ages Vasilyevskiy island had its special mystical atmosphere. All the very enigmatic, unexplained and odd things happened here. No surprise that this all brought the fame of the most mysterious island to Vasilyevskiy among all the islands of Neva delta. The recording was conducted just nearby this place and contains the manipulations of radionoise flow made mostly by moving in space. Even the most simple rhythmical structures that sound like an intense knob twisting were actually the reaction of recorder antenna to the steps and approaching to objects. -Label Description
Limited to only 11 hand-nunbered copies.
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