RUSALKA / MK9 ‎"Separate Anxieties" CDR

artist: MK9 label: Neural Operations


Label: Neural Operations
Cat No: NO 16
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Second collaborative work from two of genius acts Rusalka (Kate Rissiek) and MK9 (ex-Death Squad) following "Schematic Conversation" cassette. Released for their Twenty Sixteen Tour 2016.
Black CDR with fold over insert
Limited to 200 copies
NB: Our copies are available for free for those who purchased both Death Squad vinyl reissues "Theological Genocide" 2xLP (Hospital Productions) and "Isolation As Intent" LP (Audio Dissection) via LVD on a first‐come‐first‐served basis.
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
1. Rusalka / MK9 - Intro
2. Rusalka - Gasping Nightly Disturbances
3. MK9 - Crowding Space
4. Rusalka - Wake Up, Worry
5. MK9 - Emotion Cure
6. Rusalka - Walk Away As Far As Possible
7. MK9 - Reproduction
8. Rusalka - Dreams Of Failure And Decay
9. MK9 - Unresolved