S·CORE "Crime" CD

artist: S·CORE label: Daft Record


Label: Daft Record
Cat No: D1026CD
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Final proper full-length album from this Japanese obscure act S·Core by Yataka Tanaka, released in 1998. Contains 10 tracks of postmortem / muddy industrial amalgam pieces, similar to the other works done by the artist in mid-90's era such as "My Candle Has Died", "Missing Volume", "Vermin" and "Sediment".
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
1. Acute Angle
2. Veto
3. Low Rank
4. Faded Colour
5. Severe Criticism
6. Volatile Liquid
7. Incarnation
8. Waste Paper
9. Crack In The Wall
10. He Was Afraid Of His Own Shadow
[ n o t e s ]
Written and played by Yutaka Tanaka
Mastered at Prodam
Photography and Graphics by Koenraad Cant
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