SCHLOSS TEGAL "Neoterrik Research" CD

artist: SCHLOSS TEGAL label: Cold Spring


Label: Cold Spring
Cat No: CSR45CD
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A collection of compilation tracks, pieces only originally available on vinyl, and new and exclusive material from one of the scene’s best selling, darkest sonic scientists. This is a definitive statement on the rise of TEGAL from the early days of vinyl and noise to the modern soundtracks of a uniquely brooding nature. -Label Description
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
1. Last Glint Of Consciousness
2. Zero Situation
3. Felgeschrei (Folkstorm ST Remix)
4. The Demon That Feeds On The Chaos Of Man
5. Collapse Of The Wave Function
6. Unsub (Insect Mind)
7. Technocore (Iteration X)
8. Anti-Life Equation: Auto-Special Doctrine / Strike Code Launch / Autonomous Killing Systems
9. Black Static Transmission
10. The Hidden Variable
11. Invitation To The Outrage (Reptilian Mind)
[ n o t e s ]
Computer Architektur : Neotechniks by Richard Schneider
Psytropiks by MW Burch
Compiled and Remastered byRichard Schneider
Design by Synaesthetics
Layout and Typography by Graphickian Designs
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