SEBASTIAN LARSMO "Bortglömda Sånger om Framtiden" Book


Label: Cuniunction Releases
Cat No: none
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"Borglömda sånger om framtiden (lost songs from the future)" is that it is an artzine with 10 collages. In the same veins as the master Max Ernst and his invention of a surrialistic universe. The material for the collages is based on wood engravings taken from books from the 1900 century. A century that the author caught between romanticism on one side and the industrialization on the other, and which ends with an whole generation throws themselves  into a storm of steel. -Label Description
Sebastian Larsmo is an altar-ego of Swedish artist Joel Danielsson, who is known for musical releases as O, Victor Eremita or Rännstensungar on various labels such as Styggelse, Black Horizons, Total Black and our Lust Vessel etc, given for the creation of xerographyc collages.
This absolute hand-bound book is the first ever publication as this moniker. Released on his own label Cuniunction Releases.
Slightly each unique as hand-assembled of xerox prints and old paper material.
Limited to 30 hand-numbered copies. Signed by the author.
Out of print at the source,
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