SLOGUN "I Will Bury You" LP

artist: SLOGUN label: Peripheral Records


Label: Peripheral Records
Cat No: PR012
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Peripheral Records is proud to announce the latest longplayer by Slogun 'I Will Bury You'! Ten harsh bursts of brutal noise and monsylabic vocal stabs in the vein of classic Slogun PE, plus an extra track from John Balestreri's darkly ambient side-project 'Self'.
"The material follows my previous two albums, 'We Human Animal', and 'Visit Revisit', in both style and subject matter" (John Balestreri).
Limited to 250 copies with insert. -Label Description
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
Slogun -
A1. As It Falls Apart
A2. Anchored By Hate
A3. Retraced But Nothing Found
A4. In My Misery
A5. Created And Destroyed
A6. You All Sink Beneath Me
B1. Disgusted By The Inside Out
B2. All My Wretched Squalor
B3. Past Meets Future
B4. Petulant Perpetual
Self -
B5. Immortal: While Humans Die
[ n o t e s ] 
Recorded 2011/2012. Brooklyn, NY/Somerset, NJ
Text on Track B5 by Andrea Dworkin
Play with reduced treble or "acoustic" setting
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