"SSEX #4" Zine

artist: zines label: SSEX


Label: SSEX
Cat No: #4
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Essential fanzne directed by Leon O'Regan (The Bunyip Moon, Dire Ears) from Melbourne, Australia.

Interviews with...

Charles Nauman
- A director of cult '70s film Johnny Vik (retitled in Australia as The Hunted) about an American-Indian Vietnam vet who goes on the lam after getting arrested for public urination.

Peter Tyndall
- Talks about his striking illustrative visuals, recurring conceptual themes and experimental musical project Slave Guitars where he created his own guitar.

John Murphy (R.I.P.)
- Extended interview with the true legend, well know as Kraang/Krank, Shining Vril, My Father Of Serpents, etc as solo moniker, a member of Last Dominion Lost, The Grimsel Path, Hugo Klang/Orchestra Of Skin And Bone, etc, and also for numerous association for S.P.K., Whitehouse, Current 93, Lustmord, Death In June and so on.


Found Photographs from Mumbai.

28 pages, 11.5" x 8.5"

Limited to 200 copies.
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