STRATVM TERROR "Genetic Implosion" CD


Label: Old Europa Cafe
Cat No: OECD 029
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The powerful side project by Peter Andersson aka "raison d’être". 7 studio tracks & for the first time on digital format 3 live tracks recorded in 1998 during the Nursery Injection Festival in Stockholm. The sound is getting more harsh & powerful than on the two previous cd releases. 56 minutes of great and uncompromising power-electronics. Dark and painful sounds with few filtered voices coming from a cold hell. All implosions treated by Peter Andersson and Tobias Larsson between 1997-1999. -Label Description
Easily say this is definitely our most favorite Stratvm Terror's album. Less typical dark ambient or solute orchestral forms but grinding machinary in grotesque fresh and bloody transfigure electronics with harsh industrial edges.
Recommended for fans of filthy Swedish industrial, such as Proiekt Hat, Frozen Faces, or Bocksholm, another Mr. Andersson's collaborative project with Lina Baby Doll aka Deutsch Nepal.
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
1. Uranium
2. Loco Penis
3. Static Systematic Cloning
4. Cox
5. Genital Remove
6. Bleeding
7. Worms
8. Vein Destruction
9. Swelter Deformation
10. Gore
[ n o t e s ]
All implosions treated by Peter Andersson and Tobias Larsson between 1997-1999
Tracks 8-10: live at M/S Stubnitz, June the 20th 1998, at the Nursery Festival in Stockholm, Sweden
Layout by Tami Vincenzo (uncredited)
Photography by Ghiandoni Giovanni
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