THOROFON "Maximum Punishment Solutions" CD

artist: THOROFON label: Klanggalerie


Label: Klanggalerie
Cat No: gg121
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After the re-release of "Final Movement", we are now giving you Thorofon's debut album for the first time on CD. Released originally in 1997 on the Stateart label, we are adding the Littleton 7" from 1999 for enhanced listening pleasure. Thorofon have often been called a German version of SPK; however their sound is totally unique. Their roots lie in classic Industrial from the 1980's but the band around Daniel Courtman and Genevieve Pasquier add a very specific Thorofon note to their music. Watch out for the band's re-union in 2010. -Label Description
Here is the beast material from 'Heavy Electronics' period of Thorofon.
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
1. Masked God
2. Nothing Remains
3. Examination
4. Stunde Null
5. Punished By Blindness
6. Mafia Murder Victim
7. Nick.R Deathritual
8. Strike Hard
9. Maximum Punishment Solutions
10. Final Movement
11. Fearless
12. Waste Species
13. Littleton Ouverture
14. Drilled To Kill
15. Trenchcoat Mafia
16. Americalends
[ n o t e s ]
Music and lyrics by Thorofon
Mastered by G. Tonal
Graphics by J. Gospodard
Tracks 1-10 recorded between 1995-1996. Released as a handnumbered LP on Stateart (SA006) ltd.ed.of 500
Track 11 previously unreleased track, recorded for M.P.S., unused for conceptual reasons.
Track 12 released on V.A. "Natural Order" by Stateart (SA-PT1) in 1998
Tracks 13-16 recorded during a session short after Columbine Highschool Massacre in April 1999. Released as a handnumbered 7" on Stateart (SA015) ltd.ed. of 420
Most of the material has been taken from the original masters, except 7,12,13,14 and 16, which are mixed from the original 4-Track tapes or are alternate versions from the same session
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