VARIOUS ARTISTS "Enkele Gemotiveerde Produktiemedewerkers" C64


Label: Incubator
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A reissue of the midas music tapes compilation of dutch and international noise "enkele gemotiveerde produktiemedewerkers" on c100 tape make available again some rare tracks in a new deluxe edition.
By 1990, the underground cassette network in the netherlands was well established. in cities such as asten, nijmegen, 's-hertogenbosch, utrecht, tilburg, amsterdam, wormeveer, and zoetermeer the noise tape had already been an essential listening experience since the early 80's.
Midas Tapes had compiled a great series of tapes called harsh ears now, followed by the zondig lp, and then the long, 100 minute enkele gemotiveerde produktiemedewerkers compilation. packed with high energy tracks, e.g.p. features screeching live sessions of Post Destruction Music and Dva Met Dva Nichts, alongside solo work by Winter (aka Peter Duimelinks of V2 Org.), Guido Doesborg (Dwarf Farm), Ios Smolders, Roel Meelkop (Mailcop) and THU20 a collective featuring many of these same people. Kapotte Muziek and Mission Papua Holland contribute tracks as well.
The international network has been the lifeblood for dutch labels to exist and profit through partnership distributions throughout Europe, Japan, and North America. at that time artists on different continents already had achieved a comfortable connectedness through postal exchanges. every act on e.g.p. participated in the global art network, and earned the humorous e.g.p acronym, which translates to independently-motivated-production workers (a desirable work trait!). Achim Wollscheid and Lieutenant Caramel have supplied interesting sound collages from Germany and France. Merzbow and (KK) Null perform some high quality Japanoise. from North America, Smersh, Emil beaulieau, Gregory Whitehead, Hands to, Arcane Device, and Yeast Culture also serve up an assortment of american style sound processing.
As a payback and thank you to those involved in this tape, Incubator has republished this tape in an American edition in 2009. Included are brief track notes in a fold open screen printed 5 x 8" cassette sleeve. limited to 240. -Label Description
Smersh, Dva Met Dva Nichts (DMDN), Mailcop, Lieutenant Caramel, Achim Wollscheid, Arcane Device, Hands To, THU20, Dva Met Dva Nichts & Post Destruction Music, Null (KK Null), Dwarf Farm, Merzbow, IOSS, Winter, Kapotte Muziek, Gregory Whitehead, Dva Met Dva Nichts & Emil Beaulieau, Mission Papua Holland and Yeast Culture.
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
A1. Smersh - Pini Pini
A2. Dva Met Dva Nichts - My Hatedream Of Boyd Rice
A3. Mailcop - Geen Titel
A4. Lieutenant Caramel - Expectation 1986
A5. Achim Wollscheid - Thoughts About Symmetry - These Days
A6. Arcane Device - Diabolis Ex Machina (Part 9)
A7. Hands To - Charik
A8. THU20 - Tweede Uni
A9. Dva Met Dva Nichts & Post Destruction Music - Treffer Excerpt 2&3
A10. Null - Metaktion
A11. Dwarf Farm - 3 Sounds 3 Octaves
B1. Merzbow - Libido/Economy
B2. Arcane Device - Diabolis Ex Machina (Part 12)
B3. IOSS - 231
B4. Winter - *
B5. Kapotte Muziek - 2TIL
B6. Gregory Whitehead - The Respirator
B7. Dva Met Dva Nichts* & Emil Beaulieau - DvaBeau 1
B8. Mission Papua Holland - Hell On Wheels
B9. Yeast Culture - The Midas Speaker
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