Label: 777 was 666
Cat No: 777-022
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The final compilation release from Beast 666 Tapes / 777 was 666, featuring Rick Potts, The New Blockaders, Smegma, Aaron Dilloway, Yeast Culture, Yellowhouse, Spoils & Relics, Dylan Nyoukis, T. Mikawa (Incapacitants, 非常階段), Hair Stylistics, The Custodians Of The Realm, John Wiese, Altar Of Flies, Karen Constance and Marc Hurtado (Étant Donnés)
Comes with an insert in folder paper sleeve with obi strip.
Limited to 250 copies.
Another fascinating compilation "album" from absolute unique and one of the most ingenious Japanese label 777 was 666. This is a treasured article of potentialities for musical creation. Consecutive surprise and discovery in each moments. Promised cryptic attraction.
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
1. Rick Potts - Boris Zircon
2. Spoils & Relics - An Ugly Alibi
3. Yeast Culture - Repairing
4. Dylan Nyoukis - The Curdled Page
5. Smegma - Always Loopin
6. Aaron Dilloway - A Scattered Fucking Mess
7. Hair Stylistics - Nagasaki...Today (Mix 3)
8. T. Mikawa - Who Really Wants to Deal Corporate Bonds?
9. The New Blockaders - Generative X (II)
10. Yellowhouse - Ultra Sex Pistols
11. The Custodians Of The Realm - Coporeal Nourishment
12. Altar Of Flies - Texel & Oxford Down (Pt. 2)
13. Karen Constance - Blazy Rystard
14. John Wiese - 17 Aug 13
15. Marc Hurtado - Jour
[ n o t e s ]
Compiled by Hitomi Arimoto
Artwork for sleeve and insert by Daniel Ward
Artwork for obi strip by Karen Constance
Mastered by Lily Vice at Sacred Lust Studio
Track 1:
Recorded in August 2013
Vocals by Red Rosie and Tom Coston taken from The Tom Coston Show
Track 3:
All sounds by Mark Schomburg and Allen Russell (uncredited)
Track 4:
Sounds and Text by Dylan Nyoukis
Orators: Dylan Nyoukis, Hitomi Arimoto, Ludo Mich, Marco Cazella
Mixed inside Wino Lodge, April 2014
Track 5:
Original tracks recorded July 2011 at Smegma's Studio Portland Oregon
Final reel to reel tape loops edited and mixed by Ju Suk Reet Meate May 2013
On this recording Smegma is: Dennis Duck, Ace Farren Ford, Oblivia, Ju Suk Reet Meate, Madelyn Villano and Samek Cosmano
Track 6:
Recorded 2014 ar Tarker Mills Tape Studio, Oberlin, OH
Track 9:
R. Rupenus and Mark Durgan
Track 10:
Recorded in the mid-80's
Remastered from original master tape by Lily Vice at Sacred Lust Studio
Track 11:
Adam Bohman - Objects and Prepared Loops
Adrian Northover - Soprano Saxphone and Processing
Recorded March 2014 at Oxo Studios
Track 12:
Recorded 2012, Re-worked Summer 2013
Track 13:
Recorded inside Wino Lodge, April 30th, 2014
Track 14:
Recorded ar 365 Mission, Los Angeles, California
Track 15:
Music, Voice, Mix, Production: Marc Hurtado
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