VARIOUS ARTISTS "Many Dogs Are Dumb...: Art Edition" C60

artist: VARIOUS ARTISTS label: Tiny Dog


Label: Tiny Dog
Cat No: TINY DOG 001
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Legendary "Many dogs are Dumb" C-60 compilation originally released by Tiny Dog as debut tape for the label Tiny Dog run by Kai Parviainen AKA Enema Syringe in 1991, and now re-released for the first time in a limited Art-edition of 35 copies.
All copies comes with an original signed and numbered doggie art work by Jonas Ohlsson, a member of Enema & GeJonte and Dj Blodfet.
Featuring... Cruel When Complete, Lester Palocsay, Plopp, Pupaum + TV, Dva Met Dva Nichts (DMDN), Enema & Gejonte, Synthetic Pirate, BDN (Brighter Death Now), 4632402, D.S.I.P. (Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide), DMDN / Post Destruction Music (Jac Van Bussel & Frans de Waard), Markus Schwill, FRAK, Big City Orchestra, Hippies Back To India, Furry Couch.
Includes a copy of the 'tiny dog study' from the first 1991 edition and info sheet.
Red Chrome cassettes.
Limited 35 copies only. ACT FAST!
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
A1. Cruel When Complete - En Toute Confiance (Dance Version)
A2. Lester Palocsay - De Dance
A3. Plopp - Hypnotized Typewriter
A4. Pupaum + TV - Infusionism: Soundtrack For Paranoid Television
A5. Dva Met Dva Nichts - Hoskins 3
A6. Enema & Gejonte - Molasses
A7. Synthetic Pirate - Är Det Rune Som Stinker Svett?
A8. BDN - Slugger
B1. 4632402 - Seagull Guts
B2. D.S.I.P. - Gone (Yearning Version)
B3. DMDN / Post Destruction Music - Netley Abbey 2
B4. Markus Schwill - Quantale
B5. FRAK - Do You Remember
B6. Big City Orchestra - In A Bad Skin
B7. Hippies Back To India - Shrink
B8. Furry Couch - Spectre's Song
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