VARIOUS ARTISTS "Nordöstra Malmö" C36


Label: Elbogen Fonogram
Cat No: #1
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A collection of industrial sounds and impressions from the northeast outskirts of Malmö: Värnhem, Östervärn, Midhem, Kirseberg. Featuring Amph, Mirrors Are Black, Arkhe, Backasvinet, and introducing: Teufelsdröckh. Limited to 100 copies. -Label Description
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
A1. Intro: Found Tape From Värnhem (Excerpt)
A2. Teufelsdröckh - Han Väntar I Rummet Intill
A3. Amph - Damp Sites
A4. Arkhe - Hearse: Acquiesence
B1. Midhem Funeral Band - untitled
B2. Teufelsdröckh - Gemenskapens Timma Är Förbi
B3. Mirrors Are Black - Well Hung Youth Offender
B4. Backsvinet - Cherry Hill Urine Tactics
B6. Outro: Walpurgis In The Hills
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