VIDINĖ RAMYBĖ "Aukštas Aukštesnis Aukščiausias" CS

artist: VIDINĖ RAMYBĖ label: Terror


Label: Terror
Cat No: TR-35
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Vidinė Ramybė continues to explore his obsession with skyscrapers in power electronics sounds. 9 tracks and new Vidinė Ramybė full length. Some of the tracks has already been played live and got quite a popularity here in Lithuania without even being released. From hard to emotional sound, from cold as glass to melancholic as evenings spent in Dubai. Experiences and reminiscences from United Arab Emirates. After half a year of delays, the tape is finally out. Urban romance in between giants of glass and steel. -Label Description
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
A1. Nekęsti Lengva
A2. Laimingas Rytoj
A3. Blaivastis
A4. Skaityk Jau Padaryta
A5. Žydintis Klitoris
A6. Toks Laikas
B1. Aukštas Aukštesnis Aukščiausias
B2. Arno Urna
B3. Vienkiemis
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