YEAST CULTURE "Shit On A Shingle" 3xCS Box (C48 + C36 + C60)


Label: Petri Supply ‎/ Incubator
Cat No: SOAS
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In about 1991 the Yeast Culture studio (Incubator) was at the Kalberer Hotel Supply Warehouse in Seattle. We then began a project to gather together every recorded moment from the last few years. For this, several reel to reel recorders were used to create very lengthy multitracked stereo montages from all available cassette master recordings. Over a period of weeks, all sounds that we had recorded from before 1987 up to about 1991 were transferred to reel in a vast production process.
The results of the reel production process were outputted back onto three cassettes, using higher speeds, in order to fit the material into the format of three 45 minute sides of sound collage. These sounds tapes have never been released in any way until now. They were, however used in the process of the 7” single Wormhole/Birdbath which was published in the 3x7” single set Circusirus (Smorgasbird); the sounds of that single, however were processed in a very complex way, including a total shift to higher frequency, in a way which removes it completely from the three master tapes.
The Wormhole/Birdbath recordings utilized several performers in a few sessions. Each session had three performers, two being the Yeast Culture core of Abo and Allen, and the third being another person such as Key, Birdshit, or Dale. Performers simply used a bank of switches to route sound to other members of the triad (these custom switch nodes were called Chaos Boards, and they formed a small network). Sounds were chopped and moved around the stereo spectrum in this fashion. The chaos tapes are not the same as this Shit on a Shingle set, but play a part in the new 2013 remix.
Shit on a Shingle times out to about 3 albums worth of pure sound collage – on cassette. There isn't repeated material. The sound result has elements of the Rena Leicia “sound,” but is more dynamic and ever changing. It's a kind of sound that Yeast Culture was developing which did not appear on any compilations. It's a more opened up free form process, with a wiggly abstract perspective.
We hope you find this 7” Shingle to be our best yet! It's the gravy, Shit on a Shingle. -Label Description
49 copies, each handmade.
[ t r a c k l i s t ]
A. Feral Fleeces Falling In Flannel Flurries And Fit For Felting
B. Don't Guppy The Wuppies If It Makes You Snuppy
C. Just Stay In The Car If The Night Wind Bothers
D. That Mouse In The Drain Was My Face
E. Simmering Dutch Oven Gumbo
F. Organic Incantation Deprecation
[ n o t e s ]
Sounds, recorded, producer and mixed by Yeast Culture, Feb. 1991
Synthesizer by Sweze
Tape, electric organ, hammond organ and synth by Abo
Tape, pipe organ and synth by Virful Obirs
Track D featuring steel drums by Bakra Bata'
Track E featured some sources by Kapotte Muziek
Track F featured some sources by Dada Action Group
Remix, mastered, edited by Mark Schomburg. 2013
Out of print at the source.
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